Further Training/ Workshops in Education Instititutes

Apart from their shows the ‘Groove Onkels’ offer different concepts for workshops or join-in events which can be booked as basic educational tutorials for any number of days or just as some sort of ‘rhythm happening’.

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Groove it - Train your Rhythm Al Dente!

This concept is mainly based on educational ideas providing its participants with basic rhythm patterns which finally get connected to a groove performance. It includes a big part of body percussion and as a support words and movements are used to keep the most common patterns in mind.
The story of ‘Friedel und Kalle in der Wurstbude’, a common scene at a kiosk, is most popular and successful as it uses fast food terms to learn and perform the rhythms going with them.
Of course, all the patterns can also be transferred to different every day objects so that they eventually can be made up as a fast food samba show!

There are some meeting points with the following concept ‘You’ve got to move it’ and due to that they can perfectly be booked combined with each other. 

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You`ve got to move it!

‘You’ve got to move it’ is intended as a groove show rather focussed on succeeding fast and effectively even with unexperienced participants each of whom gets a 10l bucket made of plastic and a tablespoon.
Being coached you learn how to play different sounds on this ‘mobile miniature drum set’.
After that in groups of 3-4 with 1-2 members of the ‘Groove Onkels’ different rhythm patterns are played.
The result is spectacular, the motto simple: learning by doing!
Based on impressive moves constantly overlapping and changing grooves develop. As an outcome there is a spontaneous and captivating performance in which every single member of the audience is involved!

There are some meeting points with the previous concept ‘Groove it - Train your Rhythm Al Dente’ and due to that they can perfectly be booked combined with each other. 

Get started with ‘You’ve got to move it’: booking@groove-onkels.de


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