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‘You’ve got to move it’ - this is our interactive join-in activity being very popular and guaranteeing a great amount of fun while supporting team spirit as well as community experience. In our basic version everyone gets a 10l bucket made of plastic and a tablespoon.
Being coached you learn how to play different sounds on this ‘mobile miniature drum set’. After that in groups of 3-4 with 1-2 members of the ‘Groove Onkels’ different rhythm patterns are played.
The result is spectacular, the motto simple: learning by doing!
Based on impressive moves constantly overlapping and changing grooves develop. As an outcome there is a spontaneous and captivating performance in which every single member of the audience is involved!

In comparison to common drum circle concepts with traditional percussion instruments the advantage is obvious. For playing the ’bucket drum set’ you neither need any basic skills nor any experience. The sound is always great. Besides, the participants can feel the groove and the community experience right from the beginning.
The idea can be transferred easily to any other appliances probably being set by our customers. 

Our experience in group sizes ranges from 10-5000 participants!

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Joachim Dölker
Hinterfelde 28
49163 Bohmte

"Alles im Eimer" - Show and Join In Activity Event - Bremen 2015