• "The Groove Onkels Show is like a crossover of ballet and an earthquake"

    Neue Westfälische, 12.06.17

  • At full throttle around the world from Bahrain via Canada to Singapore

  • A whale of a time for 9 million YouTube Viewers:

A very warm welcome at the website of the ‘Groove Onkels’

the ‘unbeatable’ Drum ‘n Fun Entertainment kick starter from the North German Lowlands!

Back in 2012 we were still a percussion project at the Acadamy of Music in Osnabrueck...
But then up until 2019 more than 7 million viewers on TV and about 10 million ones on YouTube have already been thrilled!
We had shows in Bahrain, Canada, Singapore, France, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

Wherever the ‘Groove Onkels’ let off their cumulative skills of rhythmically sheer delight no one remains untouched.
No matter if they perform their internationally celebrated trash percussion show ‘Everything’s going - it doesn’t need instruments’ including their YouTube - hit ‘Gelber Sack’, a specially designed percussion show for any company or any join-in events, the ‘Groove Onkels’ fill the audience with enthusiasm and amazement. They simply make a go of each event!

As fully qualified and professional drummers the ‘Groove Onkels’ find out about the sounds and rhythms of each material by intuition and perform them in a uniquely creative way!
While doing so they prove to be the perfect team representing fascination and charisma - it’s just as good as it can be!

On this page you can find insights and information on our concepts, corporate events and special shows for companies.
Get electrified and delighted! 

Book your unforgettable Drum ‘n Fun event with the ‘Groove Onkels’: booking@groove-onkels.de

Keep on Groovin with the Groove Onkels

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